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Our aerial photography services  are used  for numerous applications and projects including:

Architectural, construction planning, site development, construction sites, Location surveys,   aerial    mapping,   Real-Estate Developments,  Retail Shopping Centers, Apartment Complexes,   Condominiums, Resorts, Single Family Homes, Vehicles, Boats, Aircraft,   Advertising for magazines, newspapers and   Company Events, .

We  can    deliver crisp,   quality,  professional images using our camera man and camera equipment or you can use your own camera man and equipment.    

  Give us a call and we'll be more than happy to answer any questions and brainstorm the best approach to meet your objective. 

Capture the million-dollar shot for as little as $200

Camera Equipment

Option 1.

Your Camera.


1.  Your Camera.

2. Your Camera-man

3. Fly your route.

4. Optional passenger at no cost.

5. Includes 15 min briefing.

6. No minimum time required.

$550.00 hour.
Heli Photographer.png

Option 2.

Our Camera.


1.  Professional Camara & Equip.

2. Professional Camera-man.

3. 30 min Briefing.

4. Satisfaction guaranteed

5.  No min. hour required. 

6. 2nd hour at discounted rated. 


$850.00 hour.

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