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  • What is the maximum wieght capicity?
    Although this number changes depending on aircraft being used and fuel on board, weight capacity rule of thumb is 280 pounds per person is the maximum weight limit.
  • Can I Fly at Night?
    Yes, you can fly at night. However, there is a $25.00 after hours surge charge on all flights after 6pm. This surcharge is applied to flight, NOT person(s). You can also opt to make flight private -additional $25.00 per flight, NOT person.
  • It's a special day, can I arrange something special?"
    We’d be happy to help you coordinate something special for your air tour, within reason. Give us a call to go over some options.
  • How many passengers does the helicopter and airplane carry?
    Both the helicopters and airplanes carry 3 passengers. We have multiple helicopters and airplanes to accommodate larger groups, and YES we can all depart at the same time!
  • Can I bring a camera on board? Can I use my phone?
    Yes, and Yes! However, we cannot accept responsibility for damaged phones, cameras or electronics.
  • Why are the helicopter tours so expensive?
    Although we pride ourselves in being very competitive and in fact, one of South Florida's most inexpensive tour operator, helicopter tours are not cheap! Some reasons include; actual cost of helicopter 600K+, yearly maintenance 50K+, yearly Insurance 20K+, yearly Pilot 50K+, etc.
  • Do I need to bring Identification, what if I received a gift card?"
    We need Identification from all passengers. We also require ID with any credit card being used, no exceptions. If you received a gift card, we will need the gift card, ID and matching credit card of person that bought gift card. ID and credit card can be emailed or texted in anticipation, please give us a call to coordinate.
  • What can I NOT bring on my tour or airport?
    Some items that you shouldn’t bring on you tour include: food to eat on tour, open bottles, weapons of any kind, big dogs/animals, any fire hazardous materials. Drones and balloons are not permitted at the airport nor on tour.
  • How do I make reservations? Do I have to pay to make reservations?
    The best way to make reservations is online at The booking software does require a 20% deposit of total sales price to make reservation.
  • Can your tours accommodate disabled passengers?
    Most passengers with disabilities may be accommodated, but it is not guaranteed. We encourage disabled travelers to contact us in advance to make arrangements if possible. Wheel Chairs, crutches, oxygen tanks and other big items may have to stay grounded.
  • Can I sit in the co-pilots seat?
    In most cases the answer is YES. However, the pilot will make the final decision as to where passengers seat, depending on weights, fuel available and number of passengers.
  • Why is no one answering your phones?
    On occasion there is only one pilot on duty and if the pilot is flying he cannot answer the phones. Please try back in 30 min or try texting 954-662-4433 or emailing us at
  • What’s your cancellation policy? Can I reschedule?
    If we cancel for any reason, we will issue a full refund. If you cancel within 24 hours of reservation, you will be penalized the full deposit (usually 20%) amount. You may reschedule without penalties outside the 24 hours.
  • If it’s raining, should we cancel or reschedule?"
    In most cases a rain cloud will not affect the tour. Miami is notorious for having rain clouds over part of the city while the other part and the beaches are sunny and bright! Please give us a call to determine status of flight. Pilot’s priority will always be safety first.
  • Where are you located? Is there parking?
    We are located at North Perry Airport in the city of Pembroke Pines. To find us; simply follow the signs (at the airport) to Miami Plane Tours. We are on the south side of the airport, same side as the control tower. Google maps will bring you directly to us by typing in Miami Plane Tours. There is plenty of parking and it is free.

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