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Why a Private Charter Ride over Miami Should be on Your Bucket List

There are certain adventures that everyone should do before it is too late, like traveling to new places, accomplishing a lifelong goal, and, if you’re visiting Miami, flying in a private plane charter.

You can make the last item a reality with a private charter ride with Miami Plane Tours! Here's why a private charter ride in the sky should be on your bucket list.

You Can Bring the Whole Family

One of the best things about our charter planes is that they have enough space to fit your whole family! Imagine deciding to take that trip to Disney World or a day trip to Tampa with your entire clan in tow. The great thing is that at the end of the day, you won’t have to worry about your return trip home!

So Many Fun Destinations

With a private plane at your fingertips, you’ll have so many fabulous Florida destinations to fly to! If you want to feel like a kid again, then you can travel to Orlando where you can visit the Magic Kingdom, learn about the world at Epcot, and see the fish at SeaWorld.

Tampa is another fun destination, especially if you love water parks and huge aquariums. They even have Dinosaur World, a theme park 65 million years in the making. Then, of course, there is historical Naples. This is home to two historic commercial buildings, 65 historic houses, and The Haldeman House, all amazing sights in their own right and should be visited at least once in a lifetime!

Safety and Hospitality are Givens

When you take a commercial airline, you may sometimes have to battle large crowds or wait on long boarding times. When you take a private plane, the travel needs of you and your party come first. Charger planes offer a great deal of hospitality that you just don’t see on commercial flights, plus these flights are much safer with highly-qualified pilots and well-maintained aircraft.

Miami Plane Tours offers private flying, no waiting, no TSA hassles, and the chance to get to the most destinations within Florida in under an hour. With services like that, you are bound to have an unforgettable journey in the air!

Book your adventure now.

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