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Why a Helicopter Ride is a Great Gift

What do you give your relative or friend who already has it all? We suggest getting him or her something totally unique and unexpected—a helicopter ride!

Here’s why a

helicopter ride is a great gift:

They’ll be able to see the city they live in like never before

Whether you choose a sunny daytime ride or a sparkling nighttime voyage, helicopter rides give a thrilling birds-eye view of the city. Unless your friend or family member is a pilot, we can guarantee they’ve never seen the skyline like this before! Even if they are, a helicopter ride provides a dramatically different perspective, since helicopters don’t fly as high as planes.

They’ll snap some amazing shots

If your friend or relative is an amateur photographer or loves to shoot video, a helicopter ride will be a great experience. They can even have some shots framed, so they can always have a keepsake of their special day!

Experiences are gifts that keep giving

Studies show that people become less happy with material things over time, but happier with experiences. Positive experiences become a part of us and bring us pleasure when we remember them. Besides, we’ve all got too many “things” cluttering up our homes. So, skip the cufflinks and give an unforgettable experience—like a helicopter ride!

Now that you’re convinced that a helicopter ride is a great gift, it’s time to book one with Miami Plane Tours! Your friend or family member will see Miami and South Florida like they’ve never seen it before. Call us toll-free at 800-954-1125 to learn more!

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