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Get the Perfect Shot with Our Aerial Photography Services

If you photograph properties or events, for business or pleasure, you’ve probably gotten all the best shots—from the ground. But have you ever taken pictures from the air? Make your photos stand out and get the perfect shot with aerial photography services from Miami Plane Tours.

Why book an aerial photography shoot?

It’s good for business

Businesses of all types can benefit from aerial photography. For example, a real estate agent might use it to show the size and layout of a property or a resort might use it to give an intriguing bird’s eye view of what’s in store for guests. Architects, construction firms, real estate developers, advertisers and more can also use aerial photography services.

It’s the perfect way to commemorate a special event

Weddings, sporting events, marathons and other events look extra-special from above. Capture the full effect!

Your photos will be unexpected and unique

Everyone’s got the same skyline photos—why not make your snaps stand out?

When you book with us, you’ll hover over your property or event in a door-less helicopter to capture the perfect photos. We offer two different packages, depending on whether you’d like to use our camera and cameraperson or bring your own. When you use ours, we’ll deliver crisp, professional quality images—satisfaction guaranteed!

Ready to get that perfect shot? Call Miami Plane Tours toll-free at 800-954-1125 to learn more about our one-of-a-kind aerial photography services. We have the lowest and most flexible rates in the Miami-Dade County area.

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