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Difference Between Helicopters and Planes

Helicopters and planes are both amazing ways to get up in the air and see your city like never before. However, most people know relatively little about the difference between helicopters and planes. Here’s our handy guide:

  • Airplanes are designed to provide a relatively smooth ride for passengers or cargo over a long distance, with optimized fuel efficiency. Other than during takeoff and landing, airplanes travel at a consistent speed in nearly straight lines from one airport to another. Generally, planes can only make gradual turns.

  • Helicopters, by contrast, can move in any direction—forward, backward, up, down, right and left—which means they are more versatile. However, they don’t move as quickly. A three-hour airplane ride could mean a 12-hour helicopter ride, not counting the times a helicopter would need to stop for fuel. Helicopters are also more complex to fly, although many would argue that the adrenaline rush is unparalleled.

Overall, the major difference between helicopters and planes is how they create lift.

Planes must move at a sufficient speed to generate the vertical lift force to fly—that’s why airport runways are so long. A helicopter, by contrast, generates lift by spinning its rotors very quickly—no runway required.

No matter which you choose, you’ll have an unforgettable experience seeing Miami from the air on a helicopter or plane ride. Call Miami Plane Tours toll-free at 800-954-1125 to learn more about our private and group rides and discover the difference between helicopters and planes firsthand.

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