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Doors Off Helicopter Experience

This one is for those adrenaline junkies who’d like to experience riding in a helicopter the right way with the doors off. Most people will say this is a crazy idea, but if you’re willing to get into a helicopter and ride over Miami, you’re almost at the point where you should take those doors off and let your legs hang out. You might as well experience it all at once!

Why It’s a Better Experience

The best part of this tour is the sights, sounds, and winds of everything outside and below you. Imagine being in a convertible rather than a regular car. Yes, it’s better. The wind is blowing through your hair, and you’re enjoying the warm weather. This is the same feeling you get with a doors-off helicopter ride. With a doors-off experience, your pictures will turn out better because there will be no glass door in the way causing glare. You will be getting the same comfortable, smooth and fun helicopter ride if you had the doors on.

How to Prepare

Yes, it is a little different riding with the doors off than riding with them on. We want you to be prepared when ri

ding in a helicopter, especially with the doors off. You should probably pack a light jacket just in case it gets a little chilly up there. Even though Miami has incredible weather, flying in a helicopter with the doors off will have a different temperature. Bring a camera or a phone with a good camera to take your amazing photos with. Another great gadget to bring would be a Go-Pro if you have one.

Miami Plane & Helicopter Tours

For the best doors-off helicopter experience in Miami, contact Miami Plane & Helicopter Tours at 800-954-1125 for more information on our helicopter tours!


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