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Take a Romantic Sunset Tour

A romantic sunset tour in the air is the perfect way to share the beauty of Miami with your loved one. Watching the sunset is already romantic, and when you’re up in the air, it gets even better when you can look out over Miami and take in the beautiful view.

What You’ll Look Forward to

Cozy up to your loved one as you enjoy a private guided air tour while enjoying vistas, sipping on bubbly champagne and getting a bird’s eye view of Miami’s landmarks such as: Miami Star Island, Downtown’s Skyline, Miami Beach and South Beach. This is a perfect way to celebrate an anniversary with your significant other.

You get to pick the departure time of your tour. All the after-hour fees are waived. We provide you and your loved one with a bottle of champagne, so you’ll be able to enjoy the full romantic experience. We also include a Polaroid picture of you, so you can share your experience with everyone afterwards.

We guarantee all our romantic tours to be private for you and your significant other. This is meant to be a special occasion your lives, and we want you to have the best experience you can have.

How to Make it Special

Miami Plane & Helicopter Tours offers romantic excursions that will leave you speechless. The breathtaking views while enjoying the sunset will make this special occasion one for the books.

How to make this even more special?

This is a great way to surprise your significant other. If you’re planning for a proposal, a romantic sunset excursion is the perfect fit for that. It’s the perfect way to say that they mean the world to you when you’re flying through the air into a sunset overlooking Miami.

Contact Miami Plane & Helicopter Tours at 800-954-1125 for more information on our romantic tour package!

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