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Is a Helicopter Tour Good for a First Date?

This can be a tricky question because dating can be very tough, especially on the first date. You’d like to make a great first impression and be spontaneous, but will a helicopter tour over Miami be a little too much? We want you to know some of the advantages and disadvantages to doing so.

First and foremost, it is a very great idea to make it a date. This doesn’t necessarily have to be a first date, but if you’re date or partner is spontaneous and loves adventure, a trip with Miami Plane & Helicopter Tours is the right way to go!


You have to be aware of your date’s personality ahead of time, so if you already know this person and have some idea of their likes and dislikes, then this is a good idea for a date. It’s great because you get to spend time up in the air viewing the amazing city of Miami. It can be very romantic with our romantic tours.

For a first date, a helicopter tour should not be the only thing you do because you will of course have your attention focused on the views down below. A good idea is to go to dinner or have a picnic afterwards, so you can get to know the person.

Here are some cool advantages:

  • Shows how spontaneous you are

  • Full of adventure

  • Adrenaline rush

  • Romantic

  • Great first impression on being interesting and unique

  • Not a typical date


There can be some disadvantages of this type of first date. You may not know your date that well, so it may be hard to get to know them with this excursion for the first time. Your attention won’t be on that person for the most part, which can come off uninterested. It can backfire because the person may think of it as an expensive gift, and they may have to return the favor the next time.

Miami Plane & Helicopter Tours

All around, we think it’s a great first date idea. But just to make sure, try and find out a little bit about your date’s personality before you make the decision. In general, a helicopter tour with Miami Plane & Helicopter Tours is a wonderful date idea. We can make it a memorable experience for you and your date or partner! Contact Miami Plane & Helicopter Tours at 800-954-1125 today!

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