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The Benefits of a Corporate Helicopter Tour Event

You own a business and your anniversary is coming up. The biggest question is what you’re going to do for the big celebration. Sure, you could throw a party at a brewery or the office, but you want this time to unique and unforgettable.

How about airplane & helicopter rides with Miami Plane Tours!

Miami Plane Tours Corporate and Special Events

This will be an amazing memorable event for your next corporate anniversary party or fundraiser. Here at Miami Plane Tours, we have the space and facilities to accommodate your staff for a party. We can potentially provide fundraising opportunities for the entire group, non-profit, or charitable pursuit.

Give your employees and workers an adrenaline rush. Not only will your staff be bonding, but they also will appreciate you as an owner and a boss. Hard work should pay off, which means they’ll know how you appreciate them when you give them this incredible opportunity.

Here are the benefits:

  • Share unique memories with staff and owner

  • Airplane and helicopter tours

  • Helicopter tour gift certificates

  • See Miami from a different point of view

The best thing about this event is you will be able to give your staff an opportunity to do something that they wouldn’t necessarily do themselves outside of the workplace.

What Miami Plane Tours Offers

Miami Plane Tours offers a variety of helicopter and plane tour options. We know Miami is a wonderful place, but we also know it’s better appreciated at a higher level. From romantic tours to corporate tours, we cater to it all. When you’re looking to reward your employees or non-profit team with a celebration, pick us to share in that event.

We have seen the joy and appreciation from employees and their owners with our corporate events. Contact Miami Plane Tours at 800-954-1125 today!

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