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We Can’t Wait to Be on a Plane Tour in Miami

We cannot wait to go back to normal and experience the beautiful scenery of Miami, Florida. We understand that these times are tough trying to stay in and social distance from people, but it’s very important to stay positive and look forward to getting outside and doing activities and going to events in the future. Start planning to take a ride with Miami Plane Tours!

Experiencing Miami at a Higher View

The best thing about a skyline or landscape is how high above it you can get. The view gets even better the higher you go. With Miami Plane Tours, you’ll have the opportunity to view these sites at some amazing and beautiful viewpoints.

Our Tours We Offer:

  • Stadium Tour – Our stadium tour consists of flying over HardRock Stadium, Calder Racetrack and North Perry and enjoying the panoramic views from Sunny Isles to downtown Miami.

  • Golden Beach – Enjoy the breathtaking view of Golden Beach and the shoreline with a helicopter tour.

  • Sunny Isles – Enjoy and view the mansions of Sunny Isles and Golden Beach in a plane or helicopter ride.

  • Miami Beach – Miami beach is always a fun place to visit, but what about witnessing the large landscape from a higher point? Fly with us and experience Miami Beach from the sky!

  • Key Biscayne – View Miami’s entire shoreline including Key Biscayne, Cape Florida Lighthouse, Crandon Park, Nixon Beach and Miami’s old and forgotten City known as Stiltsville.

Check out all of our plane and helicopter tours!

Special Offers and Events

We offer special events and custom tours in Miami. Would you like a little bit more thrill in your helicopter tour. Then, try our doors off experience! How about your marriage anniversary? We have special tours planned out for romantic tours for you and your loved one.

We need to do our part in this lockdown by staying safe and practicing social distancing. What we can do is look forward to the future and how we’ll make our experience with travel much better. Miami Plane Tours can do just that!

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